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The History Of Il Pizzaiolo

In 1988 Ismael Hijjawi went to Italy eager to make culinary studies. He registerd in a renowned culinary school in Senigalia on the Adriatic.After finishing his studies he started his journey in Italian cooking on the eastern coast of Italy and then in Fabriano where he acquired the title il pizzaiolo.In 2011 after 23 years of experience in making pizzza ...The pizzaiolo is back in Amman.

Pizza Catering

IL PIZZAIOLO offers catering pizza that help make your events easy to manage and deliver the delicious flavors you're accustomed to. In addition, ILPIZZAIOLO managers and team of catering experts can help plan or customize a menu that will make your guests happy and well fed.    

About Us

Success is much like making a better pizza - the more you put into it the more you get out of it. Starting with better ingredients is essential but the most important ingredient is our people. When people really care about serving others, anything is possible. IL PIZZAIOLO was founded on quality, from quality ingredients to quality people, and the idea of building a better pizza and delivering a better pizza experience. Our goal has always been to be the most loved pizza company in the world by consistently winning customers over one pizza at...